Dog Attack Claims

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Dog Attack Claims

Dog Attack Claims

With approximately one in four households in the UK owning a dog, it’s clear there are a lot of dogs in the UK.

Dog owners are responsible for ensuring they control their dog, and prevent it causing harm or injury to other people. There are, however, occasions when unfortunately this does not happen, and injury results.

If you have suffered as a result of being been bitten or attacked by a dog, our experts may be able to help you recover compensation on a no win no fee basis.
We understand that suffering an injury caused by a dog can be a traumatic event, for which the injuries (both physical and psychological) can be significant.

Bringing claims for injuries caused by dogs is a complex area of law and they are not straightforward nor easy to pursue, which is why it is important to seek specialist legal advice. We are experienced in this specialist area and we have a proven track record of successfully perusing these types of claims.

We will look to claim damages / compensation arising from the incident to ensure that you are put in the position you were before the incident.

We will look to claim:

  • Compensation for your injuries, both mental and physical
  • Treatment costs
  • Lost earnings
  • Care and help provided by family and friends while you are recovering
  • Clothing and other property damaged in the incident
  • Any other losses resulting from the accident.

We can act for you on a no win no fee basis so you do not have to worry about paying our costs (subject to our terms and conditions).

How we can help

We understand that many potential Claimants have questions they would like to ask before starting their claim. Our solicitors are available to answer these and to discuss your options.

Helping people make successful compensation claims for slip or trip accidents, our specialist solicitors have acted for Claimants injured in a wide range of environments including supermarkets, on pavements, public roads and other thoroughfares.

Compensation awards and settlements have been successfully negotiated for injuries including:

  • Wrist and arm injuries
  • Bruises and cuts
  • Sprained and broken ankles
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Slip Injuries arising from leaking and spilled fluids
  • Trips caused by discarded packaging
  • Falls and trips caused by poorly-maintained walkways
  • Our solicitors take care of the legal work and negotiation so you can prioritise your recovery.
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