Serious Accidents Injury Claims

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Serious Accidents Injury Claims

Serious Accidents Injury Claims

It can happen any place, any time. It can take any shape or form. It’s not something you can ever prepare for. The only thing you know for certain about serious injury is that it will change your life, sometimes permanently.

But, with the right help, serious injury is something you can not only learn to deal with but live with too. We treat each serious injury claim with care and compassion. We know only too well how traumatising anything of this nature can be and how important it is to receive the right level of help. We have developed a specialist network of other like minded companies that work with us and you to assist with every aspect of life following serious injury, whether its home adaptations, prosthesis and specialist equipment, or returning to work. We try to be a support networks for our customer, as well as lawyers.

Here are the type of claims that our serious injury solicitors frequently deal with:

All our serious injury lawyers deal with our cases on a “no win no fee” basis but that’s not really what we’re all about. We’re about making sure that your needs are met throughout the whole process. And beyond. Because we don’t believe that our relationship with you ends when you receive your settlement. Getting your life back on track can often take longer than that, and that’s what we’re here for – to get you back to a place where you feel you’re able to rebuild your life.

For us, its not just about ensuring you receive the right amount of compensation (although we have recovered in excess of £98 million for seriously injured customers in the last 3 years alone), its about ensuring that you or your loved one can live the best, most comfortable and most active life possible long after the case has concluded. Its not just about getting the money you are entitled to, its about getting the right care, the right equipment, the right house, a suitable car and having everything available to you to have the best possible life after injury. That’s what we’re all about. We’re really proud of our customers and the journey they have been on with us by their side. We’re also very proud of the work that we do.

Why Choose Us As Your Claims Service?

We are here for the client. Our main aim is to treat each and every client on an individual basis as we feel no client is just a number. We do not make any conclusions about a case until we have all the facts as assumptions can mean vital parts are missed out and clients may lose out.

We fully appreciate that victims of car accidents are affected in all different types of ways and no two injuries and personal circumstances are the same meaning each case should be looked at in its own separate way.

Our personal injury team is dedicated to getting clients the maximum amount of compensation as quick as possible so that they have funds to be able to put their lives back as it was before the accident happened. We work with you so any queries or questions you have we will answer for you. 

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