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Compare Credit Cards

Compare more than 100 credit cards instantly and find top deals on: 0%
balance transfers, 0% purchases, cashback and rewards. Plus get exclusive deals you
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Compare credit cards

Looking for a 0% balance transfer credit card, a rewards card, or a card for bad credit? We compare over 100 credit cards to help you find the right credit card for you.

Claim Anything is a credit broker, not a lender, for consumer credit products. Our services are provided at no cost to you, but we may receive a commission from the companies we refer you to.

Let’s compare credit cards

Used wisely, a credit card is really rather handy. It’s great for those little emergencies, like when your car needs a new part or for those spontaneous shoe purchases that you just have to have. But it can be really confusing knowing which credit card to get – cashback , interest free credit or one where you can get rewards; sometimes it’s a case of too much choice and not enough information.

But we’re here to help – so if you don’t know your APR from your 0% and your idea of a balance transfer is shifting weight from one foot to the other, then let us help enlighten you. And if you need credit but worry you’re not credit worthy, get the lowdown on credit cards for bad credit.

What type of credit card should you get?

The best credit card deal depends on your financial situation and how you want to use it.

Some credit cards can be repaid interest free, and you can use them to:

  • Pay off your existing credit card debts with a balance transfer
  • Pay off your overdraft or loan with a money transfer
  • Make purchases in person or online

Comparing credit cards can help you choose one that accepts you and that saves you the most money, gives the best rewards and can be used how you need it.

How do I choose the right type of card?

Our tables let you compare across a range of different criteria, but the right card depends on what you want it for. If you have a good credit rating and pay your bills on time, then a cashback or rewards card will give you extras on your spending.

If on the other hand you have a poor credit file, or don’t have a history of borrowing, a credit-builder or bad credit card will be more suitable. Or, if you have an existing credit card debt it’s balance transfer you’re after.

What type of credit card is right for me?

Credit cards are sometimes be useful to spread costs and manage debt. So if you are looking for a card, the following options might be useful.

0% on new purchases: Useful if you’re planning on buying big items, such as important electrical equipment. These cards allow you to spread the payment over a number of months instead of straight away. As long as you pay off the minimum amount each month and the outstanding amount before the 0% deal expires, this could be a useful card.

0% on your balance transfer: These cards are usually used if you already have an amount on another card that you want to transfer over. This allows you to move the amount you owe onto a new card and pay no interest for a certain length of time helping to spread the cost (however you will usually incur a balance transfer fee for moving money onto these cards).

0% on your balance transfer and purchases: Some cards offer both features in one – worth considering if you’re switching and have existing amounts, but still want to secure 0% on purchases. Again it’s worth noting that there’s usually a fee to transfer money onto the card.

Reward cards: Some cards offer a bonus feature whereby they allow you to earn cash back, points or air miles as you spend. Each card will have its own unique terms and conditions, however, so be clear on the small print.

Low life-time rate cards: An alternative to 0% cards, these offer the simplicity of charges that have a consistent, low rate for as long as it takes to clear the amount owed. While it means you’ll never be ‘borrowing money for free’, it also means you’ll avoid big APR charges and bill shocks.

Cards from your bank: These usually have their own benefits and conditions, with introductory offers or rewards.

Pros and cons of credit cards

Credit cards can be a great way to pay for goods and services without having to stump up the money upfront. You can even use your credit card like an interest-free loan, allowing you to borrow money for free. You also get some protection under the Consumer Credit Act if you buy something with a credit card.

But let’s not forget that it’s easy to run up expensive debts with a credit card, especially if you pay off only the minimum balance each month. You can also get into financial difficulty if you don’t stick to the rules. For example, most companies charge a penalty if you miss a payment, make a late payment or breach your credit limit. Bear in mind, too, that most issuers reserve their best deals for people with a spotless credit record, so your application could be turned down.

Why might I be rejected for a card?

One of the key factors determining whether you will be accepted for the advertised credit card is your credit history, otherwise known as your credit report or score. This gives the lender an indication of how likely you are to repay the debt on the card.

If they think you’re a bigger risk, you may be asked to pay a higher interest rate. You can read more about credit reports in our guide pages.

Who do we include in this comparison?

We include unsecured loans you can get in the UK from our panel. Like other comparison sites, we make money when you click through to a product or service, or go on to purchase it after visiting our site. If you use one of our broker services, we make commission after you buy a product, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Our comparisons are free for you to use and you get the same or a better deal than going direct.


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