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Compare Home Emergency Insurance

Compare home emergency insurance policies for protection against things like heating, plumbing and electrical problems. You could get expert help quicker and for less with the right cover.

What is home emergency insurance cover?

When it comes to boiler breakdowns, blocked drains and other home emergencies, the inconvenience and unexpected cost can be a lot to bear.  While your home insurance will pick up the bill for fire, flood or theft, it probably won’t get your heating back on or your burst pipe fixed.

So where can you turn to get a real peace of mind in an emergency? Home emergency cover to the rescue!

Getting started with our home emergency insurance comparison tool

When do you need home emergency cover?

Home emergency cover offers immediate professional help if something goes wrong in your home.

Your insurer will send a registered tradesperson to fix your problem as soon as possible.

It only covers your buildings and contents in an emergency, including:

  • If your home is unsafe or at risk from theft, e.g. from a smashed window
  • Damage to your home that impacts your health and well being, e.g. broken heating
  • Damage that could become permanent if not fixed straight away, e.g. a burst pipe

How to find the best policy Think about what you want it to cover:

Heating system: This covers your boiler if it breaks down and also protects things like your radiators. If you only want heating cover, consider a boiler insurance policy.

Plumbing and drainage: This covers things like burst pipes, and can protect your toilet, shower and stopcock.

Home security: This covers damage to your doors, locks or windows that leaves your home at risk from theft.

Electrics: This covers any electrical failures that mean your home cannot be lived in, for example if your mains electric fails.

Some policies also cover damage to your roof, and pest infestations if they pose a threat to your home or health.

What does home emergency insurance cover?

  • Emergency cover will usually protect for a number of scenarios, such as:
  • Boiler breaking down
  • Faulty heating
  • Internal plumbing and drainage
  • Roof damage
  • Electricity supply
  • Locks, doors and windows
  • Some insurers will also offer cover for additional things like appliance breakdown, infestation by pests and alternative accommodation.

What does home emergency insurance cover?

It is often offered as an optional add on to your home insurance policy, but make sure you look at standalone home emergency policies too because they could offer better protection.

Adding home emergency to your home insurance could be the cheapest option, but it may not offer the best cover. Before you compare deals think about:

  • What level of cover you need: Some home emergency policies offer unlimited cover, but others only pay up to a set amount or limit the number of call outs you can make.
  • What you want covered: Most policies cover boilers and burst pipes, but you may have to pay extra for things like electrical or pest cover.

Once you know what cover you want you should compare policies to find one that gives you the protection you need at the best price.

What counts as an emergency?

Most insurers define an emergency as something that:

  • Makes your home unsafe or vulnerable to thieves
  • Will cause permanent damage to your home
  • Causes a risk to your health and well being

You will not be able to use home emergency cover for any situation that does not match the insurer’s definition of an emergency.

Do you need it?

Check your home insurance policy carefully before you buy home emergency cover because you may already have protection.

Some home insurers include home emergency as part of their standard cover, or let you add it as an optional extra.

If you do, check the cover you are getting because you may be able to get a better deal with a standalone home emergency policy.

If you rent your property it is up to the landlord to arrange home emergency cover. You should contact them or your letting agent in the event of an emergency.

What is an emergency?

Most insurers define an emergency as anything that affects your health and wellbeing, or leaves your home unsafe or prone to further damage.

Do I have to pay an excess when I make a home emergency claim?

No, most home emergency policies do not charge an excess if you claim.

Will home emergency cover all repairs?

Not always, because it is designed to make your home safe so only covers immediate repairs and labour costs.

Can I get home emergency with home insurance?

Yes, many insurers include it as standard or as an extra. A standalone policy may provide better cover so use this comparison to find the best protection.

Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make?

It depends on the policy, but most do not limit the number of call outs you make. Some may set a limit of five call outs a year for example.

Do I need home emergency for my tenants if I am a landlord?

It is not a legal requirement, but it will cover any emergencies they have. It will mean you do not have to sort or repair the issues yourself.

Who do we include in this comparison?

We include unsecured loans you can get in the UK from our panel. Like other comparison sites, we make money when you click through to a product or service, or go on to purchase it after visiting our site. If you use one of our broker services, we make commission after you buy a product, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Our comparisons are free for you to use and you get the same or a better deal than going direct.



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