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Compare van insurance

Get a van insurance quote for your vehicle. As motor saving experts we make it quick and easy to protect your van and keep it on the road.


What is van insurance?

Van insurance differs from private car insurance in several respects, not least when the van is used for business purposes.

The scope and cost of your policy will be determined by the type of vehicle and what it’s used for, as well as standard factors such as its value, location and annual mileage, and the characteristics of the driver.

Getting started with our van insurance comparison tool

How to get the right van insurance quote

When you start looking for a van insurance quote, make sure you know exactly what policy you need so you can find the right cover at the cheapest price.

Choose your level of cover

There are three levels of van insurance you can choose from:

  • Third party only: This covers injury to other people, and damage to their property
  • Third party, fire and theft: This also covers your van if it is damaged by fire, or if it is stolen
  • Fully comprehensive: This covers you, your van and anyone else involved in an accident, and also covers vandalism

Can I get a quote for my unusual van?

Whether it’s an ice-cream van or a pick-up truck, as long as it’s not over 3.5 tonnes you can still compare van insurance quotes with us. If you’ve modified your van (for example, the bodywork, engine or exhaust) be sure to mention it and we’ll help you find a deal that’s right for you.

Business or personal use?

In addition to these levels of cover, there are various types of van insurance to suit you and your business.

Whether your van is for business or personal use – or both – you can choose from different cover options. These range from social use only, to personal possessions cover for work equipment, or haulage insurance if you use your van to transport cargo or deliveries.

Consider policy extras

You can add extra cover to your van insurance policy for added protection. Most insurers offer:

  • Breakdown cover, which gives you assistance if your van breaks down
  • Legal cover, which could your cover legal costs if you have an accident
  • Protected no claims discount, You can pay extra to protect your no claims bonus, this will mean that you will not lose your no claims discount if you make a claim.

    You usually have to wait until you have at least 3 years’ no claims built up. Here is where you can find out if it is worth protecting you no claims bonus.

  • Foreign use cover, which gives you the same protection you have in the UK if you drive your van abroad

Bear in mind that it will cost extra to add any of these benefits to your van insurance policy.

What factors could affect the cost of my van insurance?

If you’re looking to get the best possible price on your van insurance, be aware that several things may affect your premium, such as your no claims discount, voluntary excess and the type of lock or alarm you use.

No claims discount
This is likely to be on a renewal reminder or a cancellation letter from your current insurance provider.

Driving licence number
Your driving licence number may enable some insurance providers to reduce your premium as it gives them the most up-to-date information. You can use to find your driving licence number.

Voluntary excess
This is how much you choose to pay upfront in the event of a claim. Providers usually add an additional compulsory excess on top of this amount, so do check as you will have to pay both excesses.

What is personal accident cover?

It will cover you or your partner if you suffer a serious injury while in your car. You can add extra protection to boost the level of cover you get too, for example:

  • A standard policy may offer £10,000 of personal accident cover
  • Adding extra protection might increase the cover to £100,000

Check the policy carefully for restrictions, including what injuries are covered as some will only cover:

  • Death
  • Permanent loss of limb
  • Loss of sight
  • Other policies could cover you for burns and fractures, if you extend your level of cover.

Be careful as a lot of policies will not pay out if;

  • The accident was caused while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Anyone in the vehicle was not wearing a seat belt
  • If the injuries were caused as a result of an attempted suicide

How much does it cost?

  • Extending your personal accident cover will usually cost between £20 and £30, depending on the insurance company.
  • Should you add it? Think about whether the added cover is worth the cost. Your decision will be down to your personal preference and how risk averse you are.

Do I legally need van insurance?

Yes, unless you have declared your van off the road.

Is van insurance different to car insurance?

Both types of policy cover the same things, however van insurance can protect vehicles used commercially and cover their contents, e.g. tools.

Can I get van insurance as a young driver?

Yes, you can find cover by comparing young driver van insurance policies.

How do I make a van insurance claim?

You need to call your insurer on their claims line, which is on your policy documents. The process should be the same as making a car insurance claim.

Does it cost to make a claim?

Yes, you usually have to pay an excess if you make a claim on your van insurance policy.

Can I cancel the policy if I change my mind?

Yes, you have a 14 day cooling off period which means you can cancel and get your premium refunded. However, you may be charged an admin fee.

Who do we include in this comparison?

We include unsecured loans you can get in the UK from our panel. Like other comparison sites, we make money when you click through to a product or service, or go on to purchase it after visiting our site. If you use one of our broker services, we make commission after you buy a product, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Our comparisons are free for you to use and you get the same or a better deal than going direct.



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